Do people say

I'm about to shut down DoPeopleSay and would like to thank you all for using it. I haven't been updating the website for almost a year but it has been serving about 300 users daily which stopped me from killing it sooner. The main reason is that I don't see any potential. Also I pay $50 for running the server monthly. $50 is $50.

The project got ~600 upvotes at ProductHunt and then it suddenly got popular in Japan.

More than 200 users were using the website at the same time and I had to move it closer to Japan. I was very excited and was thinking about all sorts of features I can implement. But then the traffic started draining and I couldn't fix the retention.

I started DoPeopleSay because I needed it myself. It helped me to improve my English, and, I hope, it helped its users as well. Below are few similar services that you can use instead:

Just in case you want to say hello, you can drop me a line to